Slow Fashion: The Value of Patience

The first idea behind Ren was to produce comfortable and free clothes that do not limit our bodies in any way. When we started with this idea, we started thinking, reading, and researching how to do it. The destructive and exploitative processes of the global fashion industry’s conventional methods contradicted this main idea. Also, the concept of slow fashion was not far from us because we were familiar with the spirit-embracing feeling of the traditional craft, as our mother, grandmother and aunts sewed our clothes. Fabrics selected one by one, patterns cut and prepared gently and carefully, clothes are sewn delicately by hand… Thus, we decided to make our productions with artisan ways. Although there are many things that we cannot think of to improve on the way, we believe that at the end of 1 year, we have brought our production and design processes to the level we have dreamed of.

This method we chose made it both necessary and possible for us for ‘’production on-demand ’’. We do not do bulk stock production like fast fashion brands. The production of each part begins with one of our customers requesting it. In all purchases made on our website, we take the orders into the production plan weekly. This weekly production starts on Tuesday or Wednesday. Preparing the fabrics for cutting by washing and ironing, cutting each order one by one, finely sewing by our master tailor, quality-control, final washing, ironing, and packaging is a brief summary of our production process. We ship the orders prepared with this care within a maximum of 15 days according to the order in the production plan.

Why don’t we produce for the stock? What does it benefit us to produce on-demand ?

  1. We do not want to waste resources with production that is not in demand or need. In this way, we can reduce waste generation and minimize our environmental impact. 
  2. Since we do not have to grow a stock collectively at a certain time, this allows us to set up our production processes in accordance with human dignity. It makes it possible to slow down, rest, and not lose the meaning of our labour. 
  3. Stock production initially requires a lot of capital. Especially in the current economic period, we have the opportunity to use our financial resources efficiently to have a sustainable future for our business thanks to our made to order production model. Consequently, we can increase the variety of styles in our collections and make our body range as inclusive as we imagine.
  4. Since we do not create unnecessary supply, we do not have to devise marketing strategies that encourage consumption with sales pressure. Instead, we plan communication studies to convey many messages we want to give and many ideas we want to share with wider audiences.

 We only prepare stocks for the design shops we work with within limited quantities and in line with the request of our business partner. As the products are consumed and demanded, we include them in the production plan.

In summary, Ren is a brand that deliberately builds its existence on the slow production model. With our great passion for craft and labour, we learn the natural rhythm of life and choose to produce it in harmony with it as a whole, without invading it. We invite you to participate in this complementary feeling of slow fashion.

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