Feed Your Body With Kindness: Mindful Self – Compassion and Body Positivity

   We see that the ”Body Positivity Movement”, which dates to the 1960s[1], is becoming popular day by day: Although the fashion industry has moved towards body positivity and inclusive fashion in line with increasing demands, it is an incomplete ”victory” and there is still no equal representation of the rights – unfortunately. As regards, there is still much to be done! We as Atolye Ren believe in the necessity of everyone expressing himself as he/she wishes, and we approach fashion design with an inclusive perspective by caring, observing, and celebrating each body in its original form. The basis of the philosophy we advocate lies in establishing a compassionate relationship with our body and feeling good with it.

   The perceptions of beauty that are normalized in the environment we are in and the stereotypes of ”rights and wrongs” prevent us from expressing ourselves as we are, alienating us from our bodies. This situation makes it difficult for us to live with our own rights and wrongs and takes away our self-compassion for ourselves at the end of the day. For all these reasons, we believe that more than ever we need the “Body Positivity Movement” and experience that each body is valued.

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Have you ever imagined a world in which the fashion industry encompasses all kinds of beauty and dimensions and brings consumers compassionately and positively to their bodies?

   It is obvious that what fashion offers for years, especially many women, have no counterpart or feel unworthy of the fashion… Moreover, many women state that the models on the runways and billboards and the clothes these models carry reflect the image of a “non-existent” woman.[1] We stand against the dictates of fast fashion and act with an inclusive, slow, and sustainable fashion understanding that will ensure that each individual is at peace with their own bodies, and that is committed to body positivity values. Because we are aware that the fashion field where only “certain” bodies are visible is far from “real” people and the world, and we believe that everyone has the right to match their clothes with their values ​​while dressing.

Can we remain friends with ourselves by loving both our body and our soul as they are?


   The self-compassion we offer ourselves is the only element that enables us to live a good and quality life, to love and accept ourselves as we are. We understand how important self-compassion is when we go through tough times. Yet are we compromising the love and affection we feel for ourselves and our bodies in these difficult times? ”Self-compassion”, whose three components are self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness, does not provide us to feel pain or negative emotions. Hence, it motivates us to take action to calm ourselves about the pain and negative feelings we experience. In the situations we are faced with, there may be times when we do not like our personality and body. However, self-compassion does not allow us to feel sorry for ourselves or escape from bad feelings, but to accept these difficult experiences with a gentle consciousness and continue our lives. Thanks to the self-compassion that brings along self-esteem, only the “real you” continue to exist without any pattern and limitation. We as Atolye Ren design and manufacture with a philosophy that is more than just producing by offering an expanded range of sizes, but also puts self-compassion and body positivity at the centre.

Feed your body with kindness!

(Blog image: Ece Sezen Bağcı)

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