SIGNATURES COLLECTION: 5 years, together

2022 is the 5th anniversary of the Ren. Now more mature, more confident. It is ready to say new words, open new doors and set new goals. The “SIGNATURES” collection provides a transition that heralds and refers to precisely these newness. This collection is a collection in which the models we have produced in previous collections , redesigned and remade with the feedback we have received from you since 2017. The “SIGNATURES” collection offers the widest product range to date. In the harmony with the silhouettes of the old ones, we added 4 new models that take their foundations from the past. This collection, which can meet your needs for every situation, place, time and season, also draws attention with the fabrics used. Natural fibers such as cupro, modal, linen, cotton, viscose will provide your body with the comfort it needs in winter and summer.

I also look forward to sharing with you some of the innovations that we have planned for 2022. Our first news is that we are dedicating 2022 to developing our community. In this context, it will be a year in which we focus on developing projects that will unite our community, which we named “REN CIRCLE”, that will bring us together more often and enable us to learn more from each other. We define Ren not only as a fashion brand, but as an “idea and action”. Today, it is no longer a property that belongs to a person, it is an shared dream of our community! A dream of a fair life. We believe that this is not a goal that can be achieved alone, but a journey to walk together. We invite you to be a stakeholder as well. Very soon, the “CIRCLE” platform will come to life as a meeting, sharing, solidarity and learning platform for our Atölye Ren community, which has built this dream together. In addition, in 2022, we will hold workshops in which we will include you in the processes of innovative studies that we will develop in the fields of finding solutions to the questions and problems we encounter in many business areas such as design, production, strategy and operation, sustainable fashion and inclusive design. We know that fashion is not only a subject of consumption, but also a production practice that we can all individually integrate into our daily lives. Contrary to what post-modern consumer culture dictates to us, buying a garment is not the only way to have a style or an identity. We are beings with the ability and skill to produce all of these. We also design workshops to produce our own clothes, redesign, repair and further transform them in order to remember these forgotten competencies together. Finally, this year, Ren’s new designs will meet you with 4 different mini collections. Among them, the one that excites us the most is our “NEUTRALS” collection, which will be the first members of a gender-neutral product line.

Although we try to live the moments with awareness by slowing down, time passes very quickly. A new year is approaching. Who knows, maybe it will be a year full of uncertainties and anxieties more than ever. Of course, it is not possible to know exactly what 2022 will bring, but despite all our concerns, maybe there are steps we can take together to make it a better and hopeful one.

hope to stay together this year

Gözde ❤

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