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A full and upright grocery bag. This product has been produced by Atolye Bez by re-evaluating the fabrics left over from our own production in line with the goal of zero waste.

* Comes with a 100% cotton cord bag strap.

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The REBORN collection reveals the beauty and functionality hidden in the leftover, the formless, the imperfect. In line with the zero waste goal, the accessories and clothes we have created from our own cutting scraps or sample stocks that we have accumulated for many years are only the beginning of a brand new and hopeful story.

A special pattern design was made from the small and dysfunctional cut scraps of 100% cotton gabardine fabrics that we used in the Signatures collection, and each piece was combined one by one. It has a solid and upright structure. It comes with a removable 100% cotton bag strap.

This bag was produced under fair conditions by Atölye Bez, one of the four autonomous production workshops of Zeytindalı Women’s Cooperative. Atelier Bez is a social enterprise with a shared and open workshop space, with a research team based on equal associations behind it. For more information, you can visit their websites.

Main fabric: %100 cotton / gabardine

Lining: %100 cotton

Detachable Shoulde Strap: %100 cotton and metal accesories

40 x 27 x 17 cm / 18 lt

Ethically made to order. Shipping in 15 business days.


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